Case Study: Goodie Nation Modernizes Donor Management With Instil

When planning a campaign to increase individual donations, Goodie Nation found a solid foundation in a modern donor management platform.

Meet Goodie Nation:

GN logoGoodie Nation exists to eliminate the relationship gap that stands in the way of success for too many promising entrepreneurs, especially those who are people of color, women, or aren't located in coastal financial centers. 

No entrepreneur can succeed without a strong network of support, but because of the traditional distribution of access and opportunity, social entrepreneurs and diverse founders are less likely to know people from top colleges and companies than their counterparts.


This means they have less robust networks to draw on for advice, customers, funding, and professional growth. By making sure that every entrepreneur, no matter their background or location, can access the relationships they need to thrive, Goodie Nation is building a more sustainable and prosperous future for all.

The Campaign to Unlock Hidden Revenue:

Around 90% of Goodie Nation’s funding comes from grants and sponsorships, so Founder and CEO Joey Womack planned a campaign to diversify revenue and increase individual donations to the organization. Womack estimates that there is at least $5 million of untapped value within Goodie Nation’s existing network and supporter base, including opportunities for donations, sponsorships, connections, and more. In order to begin tapping into this potential revenue, Womack formed Society of the Good, an exclusive brand that would encourage monthly donors to the organization.

Implementing Modern Donor Management Technology:

Before the launch of Society of the Good, Goodie Nation’s donor data had been stored in multiple separate spreadsheets, and later in Airtable. In preparation for the campaign launch and an escalation of donor stewardship efforts for Society members, Womack implemented Instil as Goodie Nation’s donor management system for Society of the Good.

 Example of an airtable spreadsheet
 Above: An example of donor management in Airtable.


Cultivating Relationships for Effective Fundraising:

At Instil, we pride ourselves in helping nonprofits unlock their full fundraising potential by maximizing relationships with their supporter community, so we jumped at the chance to partner with Goodie Nation in their efforts to achieve this goal.

MacBook Pro 16 inch

With Instil, Womack now has a cutting-edge solution for cultivating and stewarding relationships with all types of constituents, including potential and current monthly donors. Instil’s activity feed and donor management board make it easy to stay up-to-date with constituent activity, and personalize the communication that each donor receives based on their lifecycle stage.


iPhone (1)

With the recent return of in-person events, Goodie Nation now has a fully mobile-first platform that makes it easy for Womack to access donor data anywhere. From reviewing a donor’s profile to prepare for a conversation, to adding a new prospect’s contact information after an introduction, Instil makes it easy to build relationships with your community while meeting them where they are.

Finally, Instil’s platform not only centers the relationship between an organization and their constituents, but also tracks relationships between constituents, and between constituents and other organizations. Goodie Nation’s mission hinges heavily on building multi-faceted and interconnected relationships, and with Instil tracking these connections is simple and seamless.



Joey Womack Headshot“The ability to identify clusters of individual donors who work at certain companies opens huge opportunities for us. With the ability to track relationships and connections between individuals and organizations in Instil, we can cultivate a group of people at a company, turn them into donors and champions, and then turn that support into sponsorships and grants.”

- Joey Womack, Founder & CEO, Goodie Nation


Is your organization achieving its full fundraising potential? Building strong, holistic relationships with your community is the best way to increase donor retention and upgrade gifts, but you'll need a modern, holistic relationship management platform. We'd love to show you how Instil can transform your fundraising!

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