5 Ways We’re Proud To Make Instil A Great Place To Work for LGBTQ People

As an early-stage company, we’ve started from the ground up in designing a workplace where LGBTQ employees can thrive - here are a few of the ways that we’re striving to do that.

At Instil, our company values include pursuing diversity in all systems. We know that the presence of historically marginalized and underrepresented voices and perspectives not only makes our company and culture stronger, but is absolutely necessary as we build a platform designed to empower those who are creating positive social impact in the world. As an early-stage company, we’ve had the chance to start from the ground up in designing an equitable workplace where LGBTQ employees can thrive - here are just a few of the ways that we’re striving to do that every day.


1. Intentionally hiring for diversity

From the beginning, Instil has been very intentional about our pipeline in hiring, and our team reflects our values, both in how we treat each other and the composition and diversity of the team itself. Being a place where queer people see themselves represented creates a more open and authentic environment to bring your whole self to work every day.

"Instil is the place where I felt accepted and at home enough come out for the first time in my professional life as Bisexual. At the time, we were pretty early stage and didn't even have the representation we do now. I think there's something in the mentality top to bottom in our culture that embodies the curiosity, empathy, and encouragement of true allyship. That core value has yielded an environment that's attracted a vibrant and diverse team that makes me feel even more empowered to show up as my full self every day." - Spencer Allen, Head of Talent

2. Empower employees to build culture horizontally

Being an early-stage startup, we have a very bottom-up culture where every member of the team is encouraged to participate in building an equitable environment. Last year, Engineer Suchit Parikh created a month-long September event we now call "Suchember," encouraging everyone at the company to use gender-inclusive language (like switching from "hey guys" to "hey folks" or "hey everyone"). Most of the company joined in, and it became a sort of “swear jar” for those of us who realized we really needed to work on our habit. In the end, we raised hundreds of dollars for The Trevor Project and PFLAG.

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3. Support all types of families

For LGBTQ people, “family” can mean many things, and caretaking responsibilities may fall outside of the traditionally recognized models. At Instil, unlimited paid time off & a fully remote work environment offer flexibility for varying schedules and ensure that no one has to justify taking the time they need to take care of themselves and their loved ones.

4. Supporting activism & community work

It’s no secret that social activism, community organizing, and volunteer service are core components of LGBT history, and we’re proud to support all of our employees by offering paid time to volunteer with the organizations and causes that are close to their hearts.

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5. Build in company values from the beginning

Our company values form the foundation of our work, and we’ve intentionally built a workplace where team members are encouraged to challenge their biases, foster collaboration, promote diversity, and bring their whole selves to work. These values permeate everything we do, from our meetings to social time.


Our world-class team is always looking for diverse talent! If you're ready for your next role, check out our Careers page and send us a note!

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