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6 Ways to Connect Donors to Their Impact

Your nonprofit needs to help donors see exactly how their support makes a difference for your mission to keep them engaged and involved in the...


How to Build A Donor Journey Map

A donor journey map shepherds new supporters through your stewardship process to help them build meaningful relationships with your nonprofit - learn...

Cultivation & Stewardship

5 Ways To Attract More Major Gifts This Year

Your next major donor is likely already involved with your nonprofit - you just need to find them, and communicate with them in the right way. Here's...

Major Gifts

How to Find Major Donors for Your Nonprofit

Looking for more major donors? Here are eight steps nonprofits of all sizes can take to find new major donors and increase revenue from individual...


How to Keep Donors Engaged After an Event

To keep donors engaged after an event, remember three simple words: connect, interact, and nurture. Here's how to put these steps into action.