Just Say No To Messy Spreadsheets and Disparate Documents

Our donor management software will help you say no to storing donor data in spreadsheets and documents. You deserve a CRM built with and for nonprofits.

When I joined the Movember Foundation as its first U.S. employee, we got straight to work building the organization in true startup fashion- out of the CEO's living room.

We worked around the clock to engage donors, create fundraising events, connect with corporate sponsors, and build awareness to further our mission to change the face of men’s health. At first, like many new nonprofits, much of our information was kept on various spreadsheets, documents, and plenty of post-its. We quickly realized we needed a CRM platform to harness our data and insights in order to:

  • Steward our supporters
  • Protect our cost ratios and be accountable for each donor dollar
  • Scale our fundraising to deliver on our mission

It was a huge project requiring implementation partners, hiring full time staff, multiple weeks of staff trainings, and months of data migration.  

The good news for today's nonprofits- there is another option.

Instil is a new, modern CRM platform built with and for nonprofits. 

With our nonprofit partners, we are building the CRM they need to scale their success and achieve their mission. The best part, there are no costly implementation partners, no training, no downtime for your team. 

Instil's features include:

✔️ Detailed Donor Profiles: Individual and Organizational

✔️ Comprehensive Donation and Campaign Management

✔️ Board and stakeholder-ready dashboards and one-click reporting

✔️ Ability to track time, talent, and treasure

✔️ Organizational feed with donor highlights, team interactions, and communications

We'd love to learn about your organization's needs and goals. Together, we can instill more good in the world.

Learn more at Instil.io.

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