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Infographic: How To Turn Event Attendees Into Major Donors

The framework of Connect, Interact, Nurture is a useful donor stewardship tool. This is your trail guide to putting it into action after an event.

In our most recent webinar, we discussed the Connect, Interact, Nurture framework of donor stewardship, specifically as it applies to the process of following up with event attendees. For an in-depth explanation, you can watch the full webinar on demand! If you've already watched the webinar, or just want to skip right to the good part, we've created this helpful infographic as a "Trail Guide" to implementing this framework as part of your event follow-up strategy. 

How to turn event attendees into major donors: Connect, Interact, Nurture


Want to learn more about how Instil makes it easy to put this framework into action and cultivate more major donors for your nonprofit? Let's talk!

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